CX Balancer

CXSpectra is a true Proactive Maintenance software application.
Using CXSpectra you create machine database and edit them.
You can download measurements from CXBalancer or CXM Analyzer.
You can create machine route, download them in the instruments and upload the measurements directly in the machine database.

With CXSpectra you can view the vibration trends, spectra, envelope spectra etc.
A series of useful tools can help you to diagnose the machines faults.
You may create various customized Reports.
The application can be translated by you in your own local language.
Any application upgrade is free available to be downloaded.

A free 30 days trial download is also available.

CXSpectra DEMO Installation Instruction

Before downloading a route in the Machine Database, the contents of the Route files can be previewed with the CXRouteExplorer application. This is a free application and can be used without any Protection Key.